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Waterborne Polyurethane Waterproof Coating 1kg 2kg 5kg Cat Kalis Air Paint Glue House leak roof cracks dedicated
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm
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-The temperature during construction should be around 4°C-45°C;
-During construction, keep the base surface dry from water;
-The construction can be completed if no leakage detected after 4 hours after application;
-Please keep out of reach from children

*Construction amount
-The average brushing construction reference amount (about 2 sqft per kilogram of brushing) varies according to the different brushing conditions
-The difference is subject to the actual construction area

*Product storage
-Avoid rain and fall during transportation, so as not to damage the packaging;
-The product should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, and the storage temperature should be 5°C-35°C;
-Under normal transportation and storage conditions, the storage time for unsealed products is 18 months.

*Product introduction
-Mainly suitable for various indoor and outdoor concrete Shikemei, waterproof garden of building floor with prefabricated concrete structure cement plastering and brick wall as the base surface, it has the characteristics of flexibility, crack resistance, strong stickiness, odorless, indoor and outdoor use.

*Scope of application
-Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor waterproof treatment

*Construction method
1. Clean the base surface to ensure that the base surface is free of dust, clear water and loose structures
2. Shake the product properly after opening the cover to avoid precipitation after long-term storage. After opening the cover, use a brush or other coating tools.
It is enough to apply the product evenly on the construction surface.
3. For the construction of a few cracks or expansion joints, non-woven fabrics or polyester fabrics can be used to lock the surface.
Brush processing.
4 Ensure that the construction can be completed without water entering within 24 hours, and the product after opening should be completed within 30 minutes as much as possible.
Use it up within the clock to avoid prolonged exposure to air and cause solidification and cannot be used.

*Construction method
-Water-based features, green environmental protection;
-The content of active ingredients is high, and the brushing area is large;
-Excellent water resistance, heat resistance, frost resistance;
-It can be used immediately after opening the cover, and the construction is simple;

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